2012 UCSB Washburn Lab

Stearns Wharf - Sensor repair and water sampling

Stearns Wharf has an instrument pack behind the Crab Shack.  It is mounted on a piling 10 ft below water surface.  Real-time data of conductivity, temperature, depth, pressure, pH, DO, and chlorophyll is recorded and can be seen at http://sbc.lternet.edu/data/stearns_wharf/index.php 

SBC LTER data at Stearns Wharf was displaying a high concentration of chlorophyll from the SeaFET, which displayed a plateaued of data.  I assisted the dive retrieval of the SeaFET and instrument pack.  When it came time to return the instruments, one of the divers, David Salazar noticed one of the CTD pins was broken.  This led to taking the pack back to the lab… that’s why when you click on the link there is no data right now.